Born in Eindhoven (1971)
As first born Son in an old Jewellers family.
102 years in total, Jeweler Canjels was a steady concept in the inner city of Eindhoven.
As a 16yr old Boy, with my High-school diploma, I went out into the wide world.
For the next 5 years of my young life I took a room in the center of Antwerp,
there I finished my education to become a Goldsmith.
Right after this period, the Dutch army was kind enough to except me into the ranks for 9 months,
but quickly after I handed over my gear then another exciting, exhausting yet interesting and instructive period began.
I lived together with my girlfriend in Turnhout, and went for work at Coster Diamonds in Amsterdam.
Thats were I learned my second profession as being a Setter of precious Gems,
techniques which I mastered and now specialise in.
Being a Goldsmith and a Setter, all in one person, is providing me with the huge advantage that all the work is done in my own workshop.
(IKME is based on that principle that IK and ME means the same in the two Languages.)
When I finished working at Coster, I started at my parents store.
I still remember my Dad saying, "Mike, think normal instead of always thinking Diamonds",
but then I could not know, that a period was coming up where we would make lots of beautiful Jewelry for our Customers.
Sometimes really simple, and another time exuberant, but always special and maintaining respect for what the Customer is thinking.
Being a Jeweler, with all its facetts, designing and creating new Jewellery became so important
that, after my Parents retired, I instantly had my own business.
 Jeweler Canjels BVBA was born, not in Eindhoven anymore as many people still remember, but in Oud-Turnhout.
Meanwhile, a lot of beautiful creations from me appeared.
The photographs and films of them, I would like to share with you on my website.
Do not hesitate to make an appointment with me. I can also visit you at home.
Who knows, what I can come up with...

So in a nutshell, a definition of my profession is to make women happy!

You may have noticed that throughout this site, I have used a mixture of the "proper" English spelling of the word "jewellery" and the American spelling of "jewelry". I would like to reasure you that this not because I am completely indecisive or eccentric (i am) or even worse, cannot spell. It is simply because it helps to make my site more findable in search engines.